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20 Litre Hydropress Fruit, Wine and Cider Press

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This 20 Litre Hydropress provides a simple highly effective method of extracting juice from apples, pears, berries or grapes for juice, wine or cider making. It can also be used as a cheese press or for honeycomb.

Also called a Bladder Press or Water Bag Press, they work by expanding a rubber bladder using household water pressure via a garden hose. Since the bladder is situated in the center of the press, the grapes/fruit are squeezed from the inside out in a uniform fashion even if the basket is only partially filled.

To operate simply grind fruit, grapes or berries and fill it into the stainless steel basket, then connect a garden-hose to the normal water mains and turn on the tap. The tap water will expand the central rubber membrane outwards and squeeze the shredded fruit against the perforated basket. When pressing normal mains water pressure of 2.5 to 3 bar will generate around 20 tonnes of pressing power. The pressure applied and the duration of pressing can be regulated simply by opening or closing the water tap.  



  • Rubber membrane is made of high-quality natural rubber
  • Food grade stainless steel perforated basket
  • Press bag and splash guard included
  • Fits standard Australian 12mm hose with included Geka adaptor and hose clamp


Size: 41cm (length) x 41cm (width) x 83cm (height)


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Works good

Juices nicely, quick deliv, easy clean 👍